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Norvell Overspray Reduction Booth - Mirrored Panels

SKU: NOR095     UPC: 812512003994
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The Norvell Overspray Reduction Booth utilizes an overspray
mist extraction system, comprised of 4 high-capacity fans.
The extraction fans pull excess solution away from your client
and into the Overspray Reduction Filtration System.

Features Include:
• 75% stronger air extraction
• Frosted top & LED Lighting for better visibility
• Air fan adjustability
• Locking heavy duty wheels
• New display toggle switches for lighting, fans and turbine
• Strong construction

Dimensions - 82" high x 29.5" deep x 55" wide
Weight - 142 lbs uncrated
Sound Output - 75 dB
Warranty - 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty