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Ardell Double Trio Individuals Long Black 66495

SKU: ARD203     UPC: 74764664952
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You know exactly what you want. Create exactly the look you want with full, lush trio individuals! Add them to your natural lashline to accentuate your natural beauty, or add them to a striplash for maximum impact. Includes 32 lash trios Long length lightweight trios available in one package for lash customization Apply directly to lash line or layer on the strip lash of your choice for accentuation Apply with striplash adhesive for all-day wear or individuals adhesive for longer wear. Knotted. 20 strands per individual cluster

How to Use

1. Gently remove lash from tray using tweezers. 2. Apply with strip lash adhesive for one day wear or individual lash adhesive for up to 2 weeks of wear. 3. Place over natural lash line. Apply more lashes for desired full look.