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Hot Tools Black/Gold 1 1/4" Extra-Long Salon Tapered Curling Iron

SKU: HOT036     UPC: 78729185216
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If you’re looking for the best way to create gorgeous curls and sexy beach waves on your luscious, long hair, your prayers have been answered! This unique, 1 ¼” Black Gold XL Tapered Iron/Wand forms flawless, natural-looking curls and waves from the top of your head to the very tips and the curls last and last! If you’ve wondered how to get the beachy shapes you love on your favorite celebrities, this is the iron to use. The unique cone shape of the tapered curling iron is the secret to the most real looking curls and waves. A wider base that gradually narrows along toward the ends creates shapes that mirror the natural pattern of curly or wavy hair. The clipless design makes forming your curls quick and easy. And with 45 percent longer styling surface, even Rapunzel could create gorgeous curls on her floor-length locks!