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Hot Tools Nexgen 8 Pc Hair Setter

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Styling appliances formulated with the essences of coconut and jojoba extracts, combined with Titanium Nano Ceramic MicroShine technologies to radiate heat that seals-in moisture, adds strength, and intensifies smoothness and shine.

"Rapid Heat" Hairsetter System - utilizes a unique heating system with two ceramic heaters in each roller. When the roller is placed on the post inside the "HOT POD," the post activates the ceramic heaters inside the roller. Unlike traditional hairsetters, the roller itself is heated, not the post. The ceramic heaters in each roller generate rapid heat in seconds and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire roller surface.

Coconut Jo Serum, 2oz. gift with purchase, combines the essences of coconut and jojoba oils into one fantastic formula for your hair. Loaded with natural humectants, fatty acids and vitamin E, a combination that will make your hair shine. The serum is very lightweight and quickly absorbs into your hair for maximum benefits.