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Ardell Magnetic Lash & Liner Set Wispies 36850

SKU: ARD276     UPC: 74764368508
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Wispies lash, Medium volume, long length Rounded lash style that is shorter at the inner and outer corner Signature Wispies style with crisscross, feathering and curl Invisiband® provides an undetectable lash band and the most comfortable wear Beyond easy, quick, and beyond your usual lash experience! A new innovation in magnetic lashes allows you to apply magnetic lashes with a gel eyeliner in just 2 steps! Perfect for every lash lover, but especially suited for beginners and those who are allergic to lash adhesives, and latex.

No adhesive needed. Long-lasting. Waterproof. Paraben- and latex-free.

How to Use

Apply two coats of Magnetic Gel Liner along the upper lash line. Place Magnetic Lashes on Magnetic Gel Liner while liner is still semi-wet. Gently press down to secure.