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Ardell 110 X-tended Wear Lash System Kit

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Our Natural 110 style is now in a convenient and complete Ardell X-Tended Wear Lash System Kit. Includes 2 gorgeous pairs of Ardell’s 110 Cluster Lashes, a bottle of false lash adhesive and remover, a lash applicator and a spoolie brush. Commanding and alluring! stand out from the crowd with out-of-this-world gorgeous lash looks. Now you’re in control!

How to Use

Easy 5 Step Application:

1. Use the micro mascara wand to apply adhesive to a small section of the underside of your lash that is the same width as the cluster. Begin adhesive application near the natural lash root and extend to mid-lash. DO NOT apply adhesive on waterline or lash tips.
2. Gently detach a cluster from the tray. Use the lash applicator to hold the cluster by its lash tips and apply it near the root of the underside of the natural lash.
3. Once the cluster is attached to the natural lash, use the lash applicator to gently clamp the cluster onto natural lashes.
4. Repeat steps 1-3, working your way from the outer to inner corner of the eye and using clusters in descending order. Trim excess lash from lash cluster if necessary.
5. When all clusters have been applied, clamp each one again to promote long-lasting wear.

3-Step Removal:

1. Lightly saturate a cotton swab with the lash adhesive remover and gently swipe it underneath lash clusters.
2. Using your fingertips, gently massage remover onto clusters while avoiding contact with your eyes. Carefully slide— do not pull — clusters from natural eyelashes.
3. Once clusters are removed, gently rinse eyes with water to remove residue.