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Groom Genie

Groom Genie Magic Pet Block Brush

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Finally, a pet brush that allows pet owners to wear black again! One Brush. Endless Uses. With different bristle types on each side of this lightweight rubberized brush, removing embarrassing pet hair (wet or dry) from virtually any surface has become a snap. From pets themselves, to car upholstery, to home and office furniture, as well as clothes, just lightly swipe and watch problem pet hair magically disappear. Best of all, the disappearing does not end there. The compact design of the Magic Block makes it ideal for travel too. No longer do your wardrobe options have to include a pet hair sweater. This brush features 4 unique bristle patterns:

-Flat Ridges for clothes and most upholstery.

-Short Bristles for short-haired animals and thick fabrics.

-Medium Bristles for light-shedding animals.

-Long Bristles for heavy shedders and coarse coats.

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Sky Blue
Field Green
Canyon Orange
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