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Layla Cosmetics

Layla Cosmetics I Love Nails Indurinforzante Nail Hardener

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Indurinforzante as the name itself suggests is a hardener and at the same time a strengthener, nail polish based on calcium and biotin which acts directly on the structure of the nail, fortifying it and protecting the integrity of the nail plate. Thanks to vitamins H and B7 it improves the elasticity of the nail, protecting it from flaking and possible damage caused by impacts.
• PROS : strengthening and hardening treatment effective after just one week.
• CONS : it should only be applied on bare nails and cannot be used with semi-permanent.

How to Use

Apply like regular nail polish directly onto the clean nail and let it air dry. It can be used as a base for traditional nail polish but not in combination with semi-permanent nail polish.