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Layla Cosmetics

Layla Cosmetics I Love Nails Nail Boost

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Nail Boost is like a facial treatment after the scrub but on the nails, with rehabilitative and regenerative properties ideal for weak structures that tend to break. Peeling and nourishment are the characteristics of Nail Boost. Formula composed of various acids, including malic acid and lactic-glycolic acid, which act on the nail like a peeling.
Thorough cleaning and effective exfoliation, with vitamin C and panthenol B5 which act deeply to strengthen, regenerate and stimulate the growth of the nail.
• PROS : sensational peeling treatment and nail care in one product.
• CONS : it can only be applied on bare nails and cannot be used with semi-permanent.

How to Use

Apply like regular nail polish directly onto the clean nail and let it air dry. It can be used as a base for traditional nail polish but not in combination with semi-permanent nail polish.