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Layla Cosmetics

Layla Cosmetics I Love Nails Nail Lifting

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Nail Lifting is a powerful lift for damaged, flaking, scratched or grooved nails. Effectiveness guaranteed by the peculiar properties of the ingredients used. Contains hexanal, based on vitamin E and tocopherol, an excellent antioxidant agent that stimulates cell renewal and protects against damage caused by pollution.
7 in 1 treatment:
1. strengthening (Baobab with vitamin C for antioxidant and anti-flaking action)
2. regenerating and growth stimulator (vitamin E for cell renewal, violet extract for regeneration)
3. hardener (vitamin A and Argan retinol for regrowth and restructuring)
4. shielding (Hexanal with vitamin E for protection from pollution damage)
5. lifting and leveling of the nail surface (vitamin E)
6. moisturizing (Argan and Baobab)
7. polish (Argan)

PRO : just one product for 7 treatments!
CONS : it should only be applied on bare nails and cannot be used with semi-permanent.

How to Use

Apply like regular nail polish directly onto the clean nail and let it air dry. It can be used as a base for traditional nail polish but not in combination with semi-permanent nail polish.