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Layla Cosmetics

Layla Cosmetics I Love Nails Vitamin C Serum

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Vitamin C Serum is not a nail polish, it's actually a nail serum!
Based on activated vitamin C and with a special formulation that allows the product to penetrate the nail, amplifying the healing properties and maximizing the result, like nothing else on the market can do.
The simultaneous presence of vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin C gives anti-flaking and antioxidant properties as well as assisting the synthesis of proteins, promoting the restructuring of the nail.
Also excellent as a hydrator and nourisher for ever-young skin around the cuticles.
• PROS : restructures and renews the nail extremely quickly, can be used every day even on already applied nail polish.
• CONS : cannot be used before applying nail polish or gel.
• BABA RECOMMENDS : to be used every day, even on nail polish, for its effective action on cuticles and matrix.

How to Use

Apply on bare nail for a direct healing action on the nail, on already dry nail polish or gel for a healing action on cuticles and matrix (even every day). Shake before use.
NOTE: never use serum before nail polish. The serum is oil-based, if used before the nail polish it compromises its duration.