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Revel Tack Free Gel 15 mL

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What it is Revel's Tack-Free Gel Topcoat is a Gel alternative to our standard Finish Gel. Why Revel Tack-Free Gel Our Tack-Free Gel Topcoat offers high-gloss shine with a tack-free finish that will WOW you! It cures in 90 seconds under UV/LED lamps and can be used with either builder gel or acrylic systems. This product is not intended for soak-off builder gel.

How to Use

How to cure When using on Revel Nail Dip Powder, omit the second coat of Activator, apply a thin coat of the Tack-Free Gel Topcoat, then cure under a UV/LED light for 90 seconds. Please note that this product requires a 36-48 WATT UV/LED light to cure properly.