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Sutra Heat Guard Conditioner 8.5oz

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Our Heat Guard® Conditioner is formulated to replenish and revitalize hair that is looking and feeling dull, dry, frizzy, and damaged. Amino acids strengthen strands to help reduce breakage, and repair existing damage, while hyaluronic acid and plant proteins help maintain the proper balance of moisture for your hair and scalp. Our Conditioner seals in moisture and creates a stronger foundation to promote the growth of healthier hair, with improved softness and shine. THE RESULT: Conditioned and nourished hair that is safeguarded from heat, chemical, and environmental damage. PRO TIP: Use daily. Apply a small amount to wet hair after shampooing, leave in for 1-2 minutes, then rinse. For a more intense cleansing and conditioning reset, use Heat Guard® Shampoo and Heat Guard® Renewal Spray. Good to know Hyaluronic Acid Super Duo Plant Proteins Protects Hair from Heat Damage up to 450°F

How to Use

After shampooing with Heat Guard® Shampoo, remove excess water and gently massage Heat Guard® Conditioner into hair. Rinse thoroughly after 1 to 3 minutes.