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White Towel Services

White Towel Services Taiji HC11-UVPro HotCabi Towel Warmer

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The HC-11UV Pro Taiji Hot Towel Cabi is a medium sized warmer that features an internal UV feature, which provides additional sterilization to the pre-moistened Refreshment Towels. Add towels and turn the unit on. Within 30 minutes your towels are heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and it will maintain that temperature throughout the day!

17.7” X 14.3” X 12.7”


  • Model: Taiji Brand HC-11UV Pro
  • Rated power: AC 110-120V, AC 220-240V
  • Power consumption: 190W
  • Warranty: 1-Year Manufactures Warranty (included)
  • Temperature control: Electronics Control
  • Cabinet inside temp: 70-80 deg. C (158-176 deg. F)
  • Sterilizing lamp: GTL-2 2W x 1*UV lamp does not light up when the door is opened.
  • Safety device: Thermal fuse
  • Outside dimensions: W450 x D363 x H322 mm
  • Inside dimensions: W348 x D207 x H152 mm
  • Capacity: 11 liters90-100 8"x8" Refreshment Towels70-80 9"x9" Refreshment Towels60-70 10"x10" Refreshment Towels35-40 12"x12" Refreshment Towels
  • Weight: 7.5 kgs
  • Accessories: Basket x 1, drain tray x 1